User manual (Инструкция по эксплуатации)

  • Lifetime Warranty— For as long as you own the vehicle (see warranty card for details).
  • FACT™ — False Alarm Control and Test — Eliminates recurring false alarms.
  • A Pair of 2-Button/3-Channel Remote Controls — Fingertip control from 100’ away.
  • Patented Remote Control Code Learning and MultiRemote™ Recognition — Add or delete, with just a few flicks of a switch, up to 2 different Clifford remote controls.
  • Multiple-Car Control — Allows you to command, with the same remote control, a Clifford vehicle security system on your second vehicle.
  • AntiScan™ — Blocks electronic scanners from disarming the alarm.
  • Remote Controlled Chirp Muting — Lets you arm or disarm silently anytime you wish (the parking lights provide visual confirmation).
  • Remote Door Lock/Unlock Outputs — Automatically locks/unlocks your vehicle’s doors when you remotely arm/disarm your XL500 (some vehicles require optional relays).
  • Parking Light Flasher Output— Visually confirms alarm status from a distance (most vehicles require an optional relay).
  • Patented AutoTesting™ — Automatically tests for any trigger/sensor malfunction.
  • Malfunction AutoBypass™ — Bypasses any malfunction and arms all other points.
  • Patented Prior Intrusion Attempt Alert — Identifies whether a trigger or a sensor was activated during an attempted intrusion while you where away.
  • Advanced CMOS Microprocessor — Commands and monitors system functions more than 10,000 times per second, yet draws less power than your car’s clock.
  • Full-Time Remote Panic — For your safety, you can remotely activate the siren and flashing parking lights from inside or outside the vehicle, even while driving.
  • High-Output Siren — Very loud alarm sound with automatic noise abatement to ensure against excessive battery drain or towing of the vehicle due to noise pollution.
  • Smart AutoArming™ — Arms itself “passively” if you forget. AutoArming Enable/Disable — Enable or disable AutoArming any time.
  • User-Selectable AutoArm & Lock — Select whether the doors lock upon AutoArming.
  • Fault-Proof Starter Interrupt Output— With the addition of an optional relay, prevents an intruder from starting the engine.
  • Magnetic Resonance Sensor™ — Detects intrusion-related vibrations and impacts.
  • High-Luminescence LED Status Indicator — Adds visual deterrence and provides alarm status confirmation.
  • Hood/Trunk Trigger Input — For full perimeter protection of the engine compartment and trunk contents (may require optional pin switches and wiring).
  • User-Friendly Programming — A few flicks of a switch is all it takes.
  • Secured Valet Mode — Permits vehicle servicing and valet parking without relinquishing your remote control.

Your 2-button/3-channel remote controls

The 3-button/3-channel remote control is a miniature radio transmitter powered by a tiny 12-volt battery. Range is up to 100 feet. Obstructions, electrical interference, weather conditions or a weak battery will reduce the range. Your 2-button/3-channel remote is the key to your XL500 system. You will use it to arm and disarm the system, lock and unlock the doors, activate the panic feature and control options such as a remote trunk release. Additional remote controls and remote control batteries are available from any Authorized Clifford Dealer, or call our 24-hour Customer Service Department toll-free at (800) 824-3208.


TO ARM THE SYSTEM ...... Press button I once. You will hear two chirps and the parking lights will flash twice (most vehicles require an optional parking light relay). The dashboard LED will flash repeatedly and the car doors will automatically lock (some vehicles require optional relays). Any attempt to break into the vehicle will sound the siren, optionally flash the parking lights and, if you have this option, electronically disable the starter.
TO DISARM THE SYSTEM ...... Press button I again. One chirp and, optionally, one flash of the parking lights, will confirm disarming. In addition, the car doors will unlock.
TO SILENTLY ARM OR DISARM ...... Simultaneously press buttons I+II. The system will arm or disarm with all the indications noted above except the chirps.
TO ACTIVATE THE PANIC FEATURE ...... Press button I for 3 seconds. The parking lights will flash repeatedly (again, most vehicles require an optional parking light relay) and the siren will blare for 30 seconds, or until you press button I again to turn it off.
TO ACTIVATE AN OPTION ...... Button II may activate a remote controlled option, such as a remote trunk release, IntelliStart remote engine starter, NightVision’s remote headlight activation feature, the venting and rolldown features of SmartWindows II, etc.

AntiScan™ Car thieves use electronic scanners that rapidly transmit one remote control code after another to defeat ordinary car alarms. AntiScan prevents scanners from disarming your system.


If this feature is enabled and you forget to remotely arm your XL500, the system will arm itself automatically ( “passively”) 30 seconds after the vehicle doors are closed. For your convenience, if you re-open any door(s) within the 30-second countdown, AutoArming will restart from the beginning once all doors are closed. Your XL500 includes these additional AutoArming features:

  • AutoArming enable/disable: If you prefer, you may deactivate or reactivate the AutoArming feature. See User-selectable features on page 6.
  • AutoArm & Lock: To ensure that you can’t accidentally lock your keys inside the car, the system is factory-set not to lock the doors upon AutoArming. To change this setting, see User-selectable features on page 6.

NOTE: To prevent AutoArming of the system when fueling the vehicle, either enable valet mode (see below) or leave one of the doors open.

Valet mode

Whenever the system is put in valet mode, all of the system’s security features are switched off. At various times, you will need to turn the system off. For instance, when having your car serviced, washed or parked by a valet.

NOTE: If you temporarily lose the use of your remote controls, you can disarm the system by enabling valet mode.

To enable valet mode:

  1. Turn the ignition switch to its “ON” position or start the engine.
  2. Flick the valet switch. The system’s LED will glow continually for on-going visual confirmation of valet mode.

To exit valet mode:

  1. Turn the ignition switch to its “ON” position or start the engine./li>
  2. Flick the valet switch. The LED will turn off to confirm that the system is in its normal operating mode.

Magnetic Resonance Sensor™

The Magnetic Resonance Sensor detects intrusion-related vibrations and impacts. For an even greater level of security, consider Clifford Electronics optional sensors: the Glass Tampering Sensor (detects attempts to break any of your vehicle’s windows) OmniSensor (a digital analysis vibration/impact sensor) and/or the Proximity Sensor (a passenger compartment radar sensor, particularly important for convertible and other open-top cars).

AutoTesting™ Each time you remotely arm your XL500, it will automatically perform an extensive

Automatic malfunction bypass

To provide the utmost protection even if a system component malfunctions, your XL500 will automatically bypass the faulty point and arm all other triggers and sensors to provide the utmost possible protection until you can have the system serviced by your local Authorized Clifford Dealer.

FACT™— False Alarm Control and Test

With FACT, you’ll never experience repeated false alarms. If your siren goes off, DO NOT remotely disarm the system while the siren sounds; allow it to run for the full siren duration of 30 seconds. Before sounding the siren a second time, the system automatically checks for another activated trigger to verify that an intrusion is in progress. Should the siren sound again, you will know for sure that someone is tampering with your vehicle. (To disable FACT, see User-selectable features on page 6.)/p>

Prior intrusion attempt alert

When you remotely disarm, if you hear 3 chirps instead of the usual one chirp it means that the system foiled an intrusion attempt while you were away.

How to interpret the chirps

When you use the remote control, the system will respond with chirps and, optionally, flashes the parking lights to confirm system status. The meaning of these acknowledgments is as follows:

1 Alarm is disarmed, you may enter the vehicle
2 Alarm is armed and protecting your vehicle
2 and then 4 Alarm is armed, but there is a sensor malfunction (see AutoTesting above)
3 Alarm is disarmed, but there was an intrusion attempt (see Prior intrusion attempt alert above)
4 Alarm is armed, but there is a trigger malfunction (see AutoTesting above)

Optional automatic starter interrupt

Your XL500, if equipped with an optional relay, will automatically prevent engine from being started while the system is armed.

How to interpret the LED status indicator

The LED status indicator on your vehicle’s dashboard or console is used to inform you of the system status:

LED ConditionMeaning
Off System is disarmed and in normal operating mode (i.e., valet mode is off)
On Valet mode is on, the vehicle can be driven or serviced without having to disarm
Flashing system is armed and protecting your vehicle
Pause between flashes Either a malfunction or an intrusion was attempted (see page 4)

High-output siren

Provides these additional features:

    • Patented automatic noise abatement: Limits alarm sounding to no more than three minutes even if a door is left open in the wake of an intrusion attempt. This ensures against excessive battery drain and towing of the vehicle due to noise pollution.
    • Remote controlled chirp muting: Remote controlled chirp muting capabilities are especially valuable when parking late at night in a quiet residential area. To arm or disarm silently, simply press both buttons I+II on your remote control instead of the usual button I.


If power is ever removed and restored in an attempt to steal your car, SmartPowerUp automatically will re-arm the system, sound the siren, flash the parking lights and electronically interrupt the starter. To disconnect power for servicing, simply insert your key into the ignition and turn it to the “ON” position before reconnecting power. Your XL500 recognizes this an an authorized power reconnection and will not alarm.

User-selectable features

Your XL500 vehicle security system allows you to set many of its features to your own personal preferences. We have made the programming procedures very simple: to make a change, you just flick the valet switch a few times. The system comes from the factory with all of its features pre-programmed as noted in the table below. To change any of the settings, use the procedure noted. To restore the feature to its factory setting, just repeat the procedure:

  1. Select the feature you wish to program from the table below and on the following page. Note the number of flicks and chirps associated with that feature.
  2. Turn your vehicle’s ignition switch to its “ON” position.
  3. Immediately flick the valet switch back and forth, counting the number of chirps you hear. Stop when you reach the number associated with the feature you selected.
  4. If noted, perform the “secondary action.”
  5. After a 3-second pause, you will hear 1 chirp to confirm that you have changed the setting of the feature. Turn the ignition off.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for any other features you wish to program.

Programming table for user-selectable features

FeatureFactory setting# of flicks and chirpsSecondary actionProgram completion confirmationResult
AutoArming ON 4 - 1 chirp 3 seconds after last step Change state from ON to OFF or vice-versa
AutoArm & Lock OFF 5 - 1 chirp 3 seconds after last step Change state from ON to OFF or vice-versa
FACT — False Alarm Control and Test ON 12 - 1 chirp 3 seconds after last step Change state from FF to ON or vice-versa
Add a New Remote to Channel 1 (arm/disarm) - 13 Press remote control button I 1 chirp Button I/channel 1 code of the new remote control has been memorized
Add a New Remote to Channel 2 (remoteaccessory) - 14 Press remote control button II 2 chirps Button II/channel 2 code of the new remote control has been memorized
Add a New Remote to Channel 3 (silent arm/disarm) - 15 Simultaneously press remote control buttons I+II 3 chirps Buttons I+II/channel 3 code of the new remote control has been memorized


To change the AutoArming feature from its factory setting of on to off, you would do the following:

    • Turn the ignition key to the ON position.
    • Immediately flick the valet switch 4 times (you a chirp each time you flick the switch for a total of four chirps).
    • Wait 3 seconds. The system will sound one more chirp to confirm that the AutoArming setting has been changed.
    • Turn the ignition off (you’ll hear 3 chirps to confirm exit of program mode).
    • That’s all there is to it!

Adding new remote controls

Your XL500 will respond to as many as two Clifford 3-channel remote controls. You can buy additional remote controls from any Authorized Clifford Dealer (or call our 24-hour Customer Service Department at 800-824-3208) and program them into the system yourself. To add a new remote control to the system, use the procedures noted in the User-selectable features section on page 6.

How to erase the codes of lost or stolen remote controls

If one of your remote controls is ever lost or stolen, you can push its digital codes out of system memory to make sure that the missing remote control can never be used to disarm your system. Just use the Adding new remote controls procedures noted in the User-selectable features section on page 6 for a total of two times (if you have only one remote control, program it twice).

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